Running Istanbul Tours

Running Istanbul Tour Old City 6k-21k 
 This running Istanbul tour is passing through the Old Istanbul and provide good sightseeing of the historic places. Historical area consisting of Constantinapolis and Ottoman history.
Recommended route if you are training for a half marathon or marathon.
Old city training  run tour / Blue mosque- Istanbul

Old city running tour / Hagia sophia- Istanbul

Running Istanbul Tour Bosphorus 6k-21k
 Running through the best sightseeings of Bosphorus. Can be customized with the other options.
Old İstanbul & Bosphorus run tour

Running tour Bosphorus /Ortaköy 

Bosphorus running tour

Running Istanbul Tour Anatolian 5k-21k
 Passing through historic places of Anatolian side of Istanbul.

Istanbul running tour Asian side
Istanbul running tour Asian side

IStanbul Asian side run

Running Istanbul  Tour Istanbul Marathon 5k-21k
Running at the unique Istanbul Marathon route.
İstanbul marathon tour/ Running on Bosphorus bridge

Running Istanbul Tour in Parks 5k -21k
 Beautiful, green and different parks  in Istanbul
Running Istanbul in parks

Running Istanbul Park run

Running Istanbul Tour Trails 5k-21k
 Routes can be lengthen and added to one other. Running near the lake or in trails option.
Running Istanbul trail runs

Running Istanbul trail running tour

Yoga for Runners 
You can add "yoga for runners " sequence at the end of the run.
Depends on the lenght of the run it takes 20-30 minutes.
Also if you are seeking for a private yoga lessons please contact us.

Yoga for runners after 18k run tour

Yoga for runners after 18k bosphorus run tour