About Running Istanbul

Running Istanbul offers you the tourist running or sightrunning experience you have always dreamed of for discovering Istanbul.
Accompanied by Bahadir Elverdi running with you, the cultural routes you run will no longer keep any secrets from you.
So choose a sightrunning route adapted to your pace, and criss-cross Istanbul via it's beautiful monuments,  unusual streets in a totally calm and original way, in small groups or individually.
Our routes are for amateur and experienced runners.
Do you want to make the most of your trip to discover the marvellous city of Istanbul whilst keeping up your run?
Running Istanbul has the option you need: a large choice of sightrunning, at your pace, accompanied by Bahadir Elverdi who runs with you.
Discovering Istanbul with your desire to practice sport!

* Our coach Bahadir Elverdi having been running Istanbul on a daily basis.